Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about erod™ motorized drapery hardware.

“This is a no brainer. I have been shopping for a decent motorized drapery rod for years. Problem was that I refused to pay $400-$1200 for a solution that was not only too expensive but also ugly. Everything else out there looks like it hasn’t changed since the 80’s and would need to be hidden away. And then out of nowhere I find these made by erod. They were a much more realistic price and looked better than anything else on the market currently. I thought it was too good to be true so I emailed the company and within an hour I already had a response back from the owner and inventor. I made my order right then and there and have no regrets. My order shipped out promptly and I installed it as soon as it arrived. The build quality is top notch, was super easy to install, and the operation is smooth. It never fails to impress anyone I show it off to…”
– Richard (Amazon customer)

“Absolutely amazing product. Looks good and functions very well. Even more impressive is the superb customer support provided by the manufacturer.

FYI. This is a very easy product to integrate into an automation system. The motor is 12 vdc. With a couple of single pull double throw relays, the system can be easily integrated into virtually any system with a couple of spare binary (digital) outputs.

The energy savings on my southern facing windows in the cooling season alone realized by automating this product should enable a payback within a few months.”
– Trevor (Amazon customer)

“Easy way to motorize drapes, also affordable for this type of device. Good quality of materials, I would recommend this to anyone.”
– BH (Amazon customer)

“We installed it ourselves in a high Palladian window in a bedroom with blackout drapes. Easy installation despite awkward place. Company is GREAT. When I emailed with a problem they got right back to me and took care of it immediately. Not only has it turned out to be highly practical for our very tall window there’s a fun factor to pressing a button and having the drapes open and close while in bed. The motor does make a noise but it is not something that bothers us at all. For the price I think this is an exceptional product and the seller turned out to be exceptional also.”
-Peg Meyers (Amazon customer)

“Just love these rods for my home theater”
– diallo564

“I have big windows about 15 feet or so behind my computer desk. Sometimes sunshine shoots in and glares on my monitor so it’s nice to be able to hit a button and have it close w/o having to stop what I’m doing on the computer to go close drapes…”
– Strahan740i